groves natcheva architects worked with a German system of prefabricated concrete panels to create an intricate series of interlocking interior spaces. more of zog house here.


ATELIER potence in cream

the new Atelier potence lamp in a cream color available at Atelier blog.

mark manders.

a discreet house in royan designed by jean prouvé, more here.

sé collection via dezeen.


constantino nivola "masculine figure 'concrete 1958, more here.


rolu furniture, it was about time!

casa malaparte in godard's 1963 'contempt' via here, but also here.

aldrich at marc foxx till oct 16.

the off the grid ithouse.


box by camille blin.


naoto fukasawa: 'siwa' paper hat collection here.


studiometrico has developed Kosho, a temporary hut which cames from a bi-dimensional structure made by sik wooden fan here.


kings grove in south east london by duggan morris architects via here.
moma oct 3 - jan 3.


r.i.p claude chabrol 1930-2010 and alain corneau 1943-2010, the latter directed the 'noir' 1979 masterpiece serie noire.


boomerang Chair, design: Richard Neutra, 1942, reedition by House Industries via dailytonic

rick owens

for this year's gwanju art biennale, althamer has created a new version of auguste rodin's the burghers of calais, entitled 'brodno people' made with the help of people from a working class neighborhood of warsaw, via designboom.


support your local crafstmen

the get up and get down highlights products for sale by the individuals who make them, but teaches you how to be a craftsman with an expanding series of "how to" guides. One picture - one craftsman - one link at a time. Keep it simple and let the materials speak for themselves.


matt connors at canada oct 22.

the infinite library in bologna sept 16.

usus/usures the belgium pavillion in venice.



wo and we collection is a cool and affordable french lamp creator/assembler from Lyon.

alexander calder on sale at artcurial.


the japanese pavillion in venice here.