lost in the supermarket the launch event, August 7th in Los Angeles

Thonet and Tricycle on ebay us

Wim Rietveld "panama" sconce, Stella Armchair and industrial stool on ebay france

Fantom photo quaterly #1

“This supermarket is the real application of the oblique function theories worked out by the architect Claude Parent. By protecting it we safeguard one of the most significant works of the modern and contemporary architecture. This work belongs to all of us”.
The GEM supermarket is in Sens, France, and was built in 1970. Just as much of the contemporary anti-charming architecture, it runs the risk to be destroyed or tampered. You can ask archipostcardto receive the petition/postcard and send it to the DRAC for a chance to turn this concrete beauty into an historical monument.



Tavares Strachan journeyed to the Alaskan Arctic and worked with a skilled team to extract a single two-and-a-half-ton piece of ice from a frozen river. At the Brooklyn Museum.

Atelier Lights in Situ

Benoit Maire