fascinating collections at amass blog

Sag Harbor cool via nytimes

welded iron sculpture at varvinart

Sao Paulo's Box house. alan chu

Brazilean brutalist paulo Mendes da Rocha


Midtown school (today the French American school in silverlake) at john lautner foundation

In 1979, a Yugoslavian car thief decided to spice up the communist city of Belgrade, and for fifteen nights, put on a show for those who would patiently line the streets and wait to cheer him on as he raced his stolen, white Porsche through the city squares and taunted police. more at a time to get


Berlin postcard of the Hansaviertel skyline , a true museum of modern architects where the greatest modernists masters built one edifice next to one another in the same square mile. via french blog architecture de cartes postales



Olivier Mosset at gallery massimo decarlo

Beufort 03, until Octobre art work on the Belgian beach of Zoute. Here Leonor Antunes 'Discrepancies with Villa Teirlinck'.


The Dairy house and the Wingårdhs’ Mill House via manmakehome

DIY chairs. Wood chair by max lamb Wassily tire rubber reload by antonio lagorio architect